Bella – reserved

This is bella . She is a 6 year old lurcher . Bella is best suited to a home with no cats . She gets along with most other dogs but can be wary . Has lived with another dog and been fine. Bella loves children and will happily play all day with them . She loves going for long walks but is best kept on the lead unless in a safe environment where she can have a good run safely . Her recall is good unless she spots a cat / small furry which she will then enjoy chasing !! Mostly bella loves curling up somewhere warm and sleeping . Shes a very loving and affectionate dog . She can get nervous if people shout but apart from this she always wants to be cuddled up with someone . Can be left for 4 hours and is not destructive. Travels well in a car.
Boundary fence and gate must be minimum 5 foot as she can jump quite high.