We have been inundated with great applications for Chocolate but are pleased to say that he has now been put on reserve. we are very busy with the other dogs in our care and we just cant reply to all the applications personally as there were just too many.

Hello, I’m Chocolate the chihuahua. The vet thinks I’m about 15 months old but really I’m still a puppy. My favourite hobbies include jumping all over the sofa, following you around and napping. I’m learning how to destroy my toys too. See, I told you I’m a puppy.

I’m a shy boy and get scared easily but I’m getting braver, and more cuddly, every day. I don’t know if I like cats – probably not because they’re bigger than me. I do like other dogs though and I’m learning I don’t have to hide behind my foster mum’s legs when I see one. She is glad of that because she’s fed up of getting tangled in the lead.

Even though I’m small, I seem to be quite eye catching. Lots of people stop me in the street to say hello and to say I’m really cute. I even had one lady stop her car to say so. I have to admit, I do quite like the attention. If you think you have some to spare please get in touch asap. I’ll be here waiting for you.