Diesel is an affectionate but extremely nervous dog who has not had the best start in life.  Diesel was living in a house with numerous dogs and cats and the only outside experience be had was a short time each day when he was let out  into a  yard.

Diesel has never shown any aggression but is quite wary on first meetings but left alone, he soon comes round and wants to be your best friend.
House trained and non destructive Diesel is ok when left for short periods of time.
Diesel needs an experienced dog savvy owner who is around a lot of the time and one who will can carry on his training and give him that reassurance which he so badly needs.  Diesel is fine around other dogs which he passes whilst out on his walks.
Neutered and vaccinated…. are you that special person who can give Diesel a loving forever home.  Whatever love you give to this dog, he will give you twice as much back.