Dylan is an extremely friendly and well-tempered 18 month old Cavalier-Terrier cross with lovely big eyes, who loves nothing more than to be by your side, warm your feet and give kisses. He is house-trained and neutered.

He was brought to the pound as a stray and is generally happy and not overly submissive nor fearful.

He would be very happy in a home with someone who is around the majority of the time, who is fairly active and who would value his close companionship, as he is prone to separation anxiety. Someone who works from home or an early retiree would be a good match for Dylan.

His lead training progress is going well and you would need to continue this training, otherwise he will continue to pull very strongly on the lead.

Dylan needs a lot of attention, mental stimulation and exercise. Your reward for this will be a happy, loyal companion who gives you a big smile when you walk through the door!

He needs a daily brush and is more than happy to sit there quietly while being groomed or having a bath.

At night he can be a bit sensitive to noises outside, resulting in some quiet growling before he goes to sleep. He might be less sensitive over time or if he were to sleep his new owner’s bedroom (or even the bed, which I’m sure he would love!)