Major is only 8 months old.
He is a stunning dog who needs a very special home.
The home we need for major is home where he will have a job. Ie. Taken out running/hiking with you or taking part in some kind of activity…… agility, obedience etc.

Major is dog friendly and walks well on the lead. He can live with another dog however we would need the other dog to be well established in their own training as Major can be very giddy and would learn from a well balanced dog.

He will not suit a home where he is left for more than 2-3 hours at a time. Or left to just amuse himself for long periods. As he gets older this will get better but for now he is still a very intelligent pup with so much potential.

Major loves to learn. He is very switched on so enjoys games that engage his nose. A quick walk round the park is not enough for this boy. Major needs a good long walk morning and night.

He has so much to offer the right home. He would be the ideal exercise companian and is a very fast learner.

If you think you can offer Major a home please fill in our dog enquiry form here-

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Major is vaccinated, chipped and neutered and waiting for his forever home.