Issy has, sadly, come to us as her elderly owner has to go into a nursing home. She’s had Issy since a pup but now has bad arthritis in her hands and is confused, so unable to look after Issy any more. Family are unable to help.

We’ve restarted her vaccinations and she is booked in to be spayed.

Issy is rather overweight due to lack of exercise (and her nails need a trim!) but she’s a really lovely, gentle, friendly lass. She’s adapted to living in a multidog house, but does like to have her own space in a crate. I’ve been told she’s not cat friendly and may not be good with small dogs. She’s clean and quiet in the house and travels well. She pulls a little on the lead to start with, but soon settles down. She’s about 24 ins tts and at the mo weighs in at 26.6 kg 😯

Issy would fit into most households I think, but would probably prefer somewhere quieter than a busy place with young kids. She’s really lovely and deserves a comfy sofa of her own