A few things that we know about him:
He’s called Jake. We think he’s about 8yrs old (he came as a stray). He’s in really good health from what we can see, he feeds well and is a healthy weight – possibly a bit heavy?

His day looks like this:
Eats around half a can of food both morning and evening. Does eat biscuits occasionally, but his preference is tinned meat.
Recently & whilst with us, after his first feed, he’ll go to sleep for most of the day and then in late afternoon, will have a wander around the house and go outside too. He’s always slept inside all night. He’s used to a cat flap and has used a litter tray.
He’s not a dominant male and whilst he’d hiss at cats straying into his territory, he doesn’t pick a fight and largely tolerates cat intruders if they persist.
He’s lived on his own (no other cats) for about the last 5 mths, but prior to that, lived with another cat in the same house for years. The other cat was dominant and he put up with him.
He loves being stroked and brushed and will chatter away with you. He’ll only very rarely sit on your knee, but settles down next to you for a stroke when you’re sat down for any length of time. He doesn’t like being picked up and hasn’t been allowed onto beds.