Meet Jasper . A 2 year old Westie type bundle of fun. Due to his owners ill health she has made the very difficult decision to have him rehomed.  He loves playing with his toys, by throwing them up in the air and catching them . He likes nothing better then being groomed and also having his tummy tickled. 

Jasper hasn’t had the opportunity to socialise with other dogs so needs to gain experience in being around other dogs. He is also wary when he first meets people he doesn’t know. However he soon settles down and will bring a toy to play with. Jasper will need to be the only dog in the home and he would not be able to live with a cat.

Jasper has just been neutered and due to start his vaccinations . He is also up to date with flea and worm treatment.

Should you think you can give Jasper his forever home please complete the adoption application form on the website.