Lucie – reserved

We know Lucie will be popular so please be patient while we sort through enquiries

Hello, my name is Lucie and I’m a 6 month old jack russell cross. I have soooooo much energy and like to be on the go all the time, whether you want to or not! I love my toys, especially tug ones, and I find sniffing everything on my walks is so much fun. You’ll be glad to know I love a good cuddle too and if you lay down for a nap, I’ll curl up with you.

I was with my last owner since 2019 but she decided she didn’t want me when she was pregnant. I wasn’t given much training so there are lots of things I don’t know yet. That’s part of the fun of being a puppy though, right?!

I am working very hard and am getting good at sit and get down, and am working on learning that humans don’t like to play by nipping. I’m also nearly house trained too – I know that outside is the place to go for a wee and I’m trying my best to remember where the other bit goes too. I promise you won’t mind training me though as I’m very affectionate and will give you lots of sweet little kisses. I’ll be sure to make you laugh all the time too.

I haven’t lived with cats since I was born so I don’t know if I still like them. I wouldn’t mind living with another dog though, especially if they adore playtime as much as me. I will totally win them at racing though as I am FAST! I don’t mind children either, as long as they are old enough to understand I’m young and very bouncy. In fact, I’m sure a human brother or sister would be lots of fun.

It would be really lovely if someone came along soon to show me how amazing life can be. My melting puppy eyes and floppy floppy ears are sure to make it worthwhile.