Hello everyone, my name is Pablo and I’m a chihuahua/pomeranian mix, about 8 years old. I’m very soft and fluffy so give excellent cuddles. You’ll find it very soothing to give me lots of ear scratches and belly rubs. My foster mammy says I’m very cute and very hard to resist.

My favourite thing ever is sleeping and I’ll happily curl up alongside you if you need a nap. I’ll take up half of your bed too if you give me the chance. My second love is food, particularly anything you’re eating, and I’m quite partial to having my coat brushed too.

Not much is known about me and I’m keeping it a secret because I’m cheeky like that. My foster mammy thinks I may have been forced to stay in one room and abused because I’m scared of leaving the sitting room. The kitchen is terrifying and I have to carried upstairs so I can sleep in your bed. Once I trust you though I will give you all my love and lots of tail wags.

I’m ok with small dogs but not ones bigger than me. They’re scary so i have to bark at them. I’m not sure about cats as I haven’t had chance to meet any. I think I’d like a home with someone around for most of the day to shower me with love. I can be left in a crate for a few hours but would be happier with you. I’d be ok with older children but not younger ones as they might not understand I need space sometimes because of my past. I promise lots of kisses to whoever’s cam give me the perfect forever home. Can you help me?