Poppy – reserved

Hello, I’m Poppy, the very young 9 year old jack Russell cross. I might be going grey in the face but I’m very active. I love walkies and make my foster mum play fetch with me for hours. Having said that, I do love cuddle time too. If you lay down for a nap, I’ll be right alongside you, or on top of you if I can get away with it. The closer I can get the better so i can shower you with my love and slobbery kisses.

Other things I adore are back scratches, tummy rubs and ear massages. I’m very friendly with other dogs and am always enthusiastic to say hello. Not cats though. Ew. They’re much more fun to chase.

I’m a very good girl so I’m house trained and don’t chew things I shouldn’t. I do like to destroy my toys though. That is FUN. I can be left for a few hours but I do need to go to the ladies room frequently so it would be nice to have somebody who won’t leave me for ages. I’m quite happy in my crate when you go out though and i keep it nice and clean. I wouldn’t mind living with children, as long they understand I’m very enthusiastic and sometimes forget I’m not a feather. Otherwise I’ll be happy to play with them all day long.