My name is Ralph and I am the cutest little dog ever.  I think my parents were a Jack Russell and a Yorkie but who cares as I think I am gorgeous.
I have been to the Vets to be castrated as the people in the know consider that was in my best interest.  Would you believe it, whilst I was in the Vet the experts also decided to sort out the other end and gave me a full dental.
The Vet thinks I am about 6 years old and apparently I have a heart murmur but it doesn’t seem to stop me doing anything.  I can be timid on first meeting strangers but I soon want to be your best friend.  I travel well in the car and love to go walk round the Park.
I’m at present being fostered with an ancient pug who I get on with but I just want a permanent home where I can live and be loved for the rest of my life.