Ok folks, so I’m super cute and very affectionate and I know lots of people will want to adopt me but I need a very special home.
So listen up and see if you’re a good match and can offer me the home that I need!

Are you patient with time on your hands to help me socialise? I’m the star of the show at human parties, everyone loves me and I love them but I don’t like if other dogs are around, in fact I don’t know what to make of other dogs at all, so I bark at them and try to defend myself even if they are only saying hello. So can you help me learn to meet and greet safely?

I’m a live wire with lots of energy so no couch potatoes please! Although my favourite place is snuggled up on human knees I’d still love an active life but please remember I won’t like busy places full of other dogs at the moment, a hike in quiet countryside would be great though.

I love people so I’d like a home with a few people living in it to spread my love! I like a lot of attention so it’s best if there is more than one human to make sure I get plenty! I can be a bit tiring for a single person!

I need some training around table manners but I’ll let my foster mum explain that! Well, she can’t expect to have a TV dinner without me sat next to her staring lovingly into her eyes begging for food can she? She says I sit on her! I think she’s exaggerating.

I need a little more help with my house training but I’m nearly there and I’ve heard my foster mum say it’s not a big problem.

So that about sums me up really. I’m dashingly handsome, about 3 years old and neutered. I’ve had a sad start in life but I’m coming on great, I just need to get back to basics and learn how to be a dog. I need to have a lovely kind and sensible family help me learn to do this and to build a trusting relationship with them so I can enjoy the world. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn to say hello properly to other dogs so I need adopters to be realistic and understanding about this.

I heard the humans talking and they said I’m absolutely lovely, not great with other dogs but that will hopefully improve now I’m living a life in the real world.  So if you like the sound of me, and think you’re up to the job then please complete the online application.
Oh ps….no cats please! And no small children as I like to play nicely with your toes 😁