Hello, my name is Tilly. Nobody knows very much about me so I’ll fill you in as much as possible.

I’m 2 years old and my favourite thing ever is belly rubs. I’m very shy and timid but once I’m comfortable with you I’ll give you cuddles all day long – my foster mammy says I’m an excellent nap partner. The other ways I like to show how much I love you include immediately curling up on any clothes you drop and dancing for you when you come back through the door – even if you’ve only been gone 5 minutes.

I may scare easily but don’t let that fool you. Any dogs who try to get in my face get a telling off, even if they are 12 times my size. Honestly, I’m very friendly but why would I want to smell their stinky breath? That’s for me to rush out when I give you kisses.

I enjoy my walks and am very good on the lead. I do need some training with certain commands though. Not house training mind because I’m a good girl. It would be helpful if you could teach me not to be so scared too. I’ve not met many children but I think if like them. I’m not sure about cats because they run off when I go towards them so I can’t tell. I definitely dont like birds but I do find it funny to chase them off.

Despite my small size I have so much love to give so I hope you visit soon. Oh, and while you’re here, could you please tell my foster mammy why I’m so cute. She keeps asking me.