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Care and Wellbeing of Dogs in Need

The YRDR is a completely volunteer led and not for profit charity. If you are interested in helping our wonderful charity please get in touch via ‘Contact Us


Our fosterers are the cornerstone of our success, this is not an easy role to play. It is easy to become attached to your charges, and giving them up can be emotionally draining. Many dogs will have issues you will need to help them overcome with lots of love, time, and patience. That said, fostering for homeless dogs can be one of the most rewarding aspects of helping a dog rescue organisation. The knowledge that a warm safe place to sleep, some cuddles, food and a bowl of water could have saved that dogs life is one of the best you can imagine.

We have a list of frequently asked questions regarding fostering. Click Here to take a look.

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Don’t worry if you are unable to foster, there is so much more people can do to help. We will always need help with transporting dogs, either to collect, deliver, or do ‘vet runs’.

Home Checking

Home checks are crucially important – we will show you how, and give guidance on the right questions to ask and things to look out for. We try to make sure the foster families are involved in the re-homing decisions, but this can only be after a safe, secure, loving home has been found. The next step is matching the right dog to the right home.

Donations and Sponsoring

Occasionally we have a situation where a dog has come into our care that requires treatment. In some case this treatment can be expensive. This can be medical treatment, or in other cases, like Dinah, we find a dog in need of behavioural treatment as a result of their treatment or experiences in life before coming to us.

If you would like to help sponsor a dog like this we would love to hear from you, anything you can give no matter how large or small will help, if you would like to make a single donation, or make regular donations, either for a specific dog or just to generally help the rescue – anything would be gratefully received.

To make a financial donation either ‘click here’ or ‘contact us’.

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